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  1 It is mainly engaged in the R&D, production, sales and relevant technological service of petrochemical catalysts, purificants, precious metal, rare metal and inorganic chemical materials. We have independent right to import and export.
  2 Relying on the strong R&D capabilities from Xi’an Modern Chemistry Research Institute, Northwest University, Xi’an Petroleum University, the company initial is committed to produce and sales refining additives, oilfield chemicals,oil additives area.
  3 We are well skilled in term of Zeolite production and management.Though enhanced with good equipments, we never slow our step of introducing new technology in the world. Now our annual total output of Zeolite is 5000t and the quality of the original powder matches of exceeds that of multnational companies.
  4 Focused on research and development of new products, our company is a Hi-tech entity which have one research institute.We are specialized developing and manufacture of several series of molecular formulas,which are ZSM-5 zeolite, βzeolite, Y zeolite and various catalytic cracking catalysts etc.With the supervision of brilliant researchers and highly trained operators, we can produce any specification requested by customer to meet the constantly growing demand of relevant industries.
  5 Over 20 years products and service supplier in the field of chemical packing, ceramic balls, honeycombs and water treatment medium.We will provide practical solutions to maximize the value of your business at the lowest cost.Our company has became a leading solution company in chemical processing industry.

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