Ceramic Structured Packing
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Ceramic Structured Packing
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  • The ceramic ripple padding has the surface area is bigger than, the flux is big, the resistance is small, the efficiency is high, anti-corrosive, the most able (may amount to above 1000 degrees), 
    the operation elasticity is big, scale-up effect not obvious and so on merits. Is suitable specially in has the strict request high temperature corrosive material selective evaporation to the pressure drop and the number of theoretical plates, separation processes and so on absorption. Widely applies in profession and so on chemical industry, metallurgy, coal gas system fluorine drying towers, the absorption tower, the cooling tower, the actifier column and so on.

        The ceramic ripple padding model may have 100---750X/Y, X and Y respectively represent the ripple degree of tilt are 30 degree and 45 degrees. In front of the X, Y Arabic numeral is the padding ratio surface area. The padding plate diameter may have 100---8000 millimeters, also may according to the user request design manufacture.  

The product name:Ceramic Structured Packing
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