The Ball-Flower Packing
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The Ball-Flower Packing
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  • The colored ball padding is called the HQ padding. Is our company patent product, the patent number is ZL2005200000626.9 mainly uses in the chemical fertilizer, the petroleum chemical industry, the fine chemical industry, the coal chemical industry, the natural gas and so on makes the tower packing support material. Has the following characteristic:
         First, does not stop up the HQ padding in the long-term use, in the sharp quenching very close situation, cannot appear flaking, the lamination brings the fragment surely jamming from this.
         Second, does not pollute the catalyst HQ padding to have the biggest corrosion resistance ability and the wear-resisting strength, thus greatest degree reduction to catalyst pollution.
         Third, the heat shock stable HQ padding divides the high pure aluminum oxide and the ordinary aluminum oxide two kinds, the ordinary aluminum oxide padding heating , two times cannot break, the refractoriness under load surpasses .The high pure aluminum oxide padding own agglutination temperature surpasses , bears the temperature to surpass , is the big chemical fertilizer two section of stove most ideal stopping, because aluminum oxide own heat-resisting performance good and so on characteristics, suits maintains reaction time in the catalyst bed level need intermittence regeneration high calorific capacity.
         Fourth, cannot cause the catalyst to produce is poison the HQ padding production craft quite to be complex, is extremely strict to raw material examination, before the batch feeding formation must except the molybdenum, the arsenic, the sulfur, the iron and so on the harmful impurity, cause the catalyst not to be able to have the poison. Two sections of stoves also must remove the silicon strictly with the high pure aluminum oxide padding, because silicon separation serious influences catalyst activeness and heat recovery.
         Fifth, the physical performance stable HQ padding uses the compact agglutination to become, the surface is smooth, the water-absorptivity is small, has the quite high intensity, in the deep bed investment situation, cannot crush, cannot burst.
    Sixth, the HQ padding characteristic of as a result of the shape, compares with the ball games product, has is bigger than the surface area, the percentage of voids increases 10-15%, causes the pressure drop which the resistance brings to change, the steam fluid distribution is even, the current capacity increases, after the packing forms the overall construction, cannot have mutually the vibration friction which brings by the working pressure, is in the present tower supporting material the most ideal.
    Chemical properties
    hq packing of the general alumina

    hq packing of the general alumina

The product name:The Ball-Flower Packing
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