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Water Based Paraffin Cleaner and Inhibitor
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  • This product is a blended and water-soluble paraffin cleaner and inhibitor. It is suitable for paraffin cleaning and inhibition of oil well containing over 30% water.  Containing surfactant, it reduces the oil-water interfacial tension in water-containing crude oil, converting W/O type emulsion into O/W type. Because water formed the external phase (continuous phase), it is not easy to form wax when it contacts with the surface of sucker rod and tubing wall. In addition, the friction between original oil and oil molecules previously changes into that of water and water molecules.  Since the viscosity of water is much lower than that of crude oil, the product serves as viscosity reducer. The wetting agent in product changes the surface properties of metal, making it polar and hydrophilic, which makes the settlement of wax on metal surface unfavorable. At the same time, if forms a layer of active water film, which not only prevent the contact of wax with metal surface, but also reduce the friction of oil fluent with tubing inner surface, lowering the pumping load.

    1.Typical physical properties /Technical data

    (1)Appearance: Colorless or light yellow liquid;

    (2)Density: 0.95~1.00g/cm3;

    (3)Condensation:  ≤-45℃; 

    (4)pH: ≤8;

    (5)Flowability : still good at -34℃;

    (6)Solid Content:≥30%;

    (7)Wax inhibition rate:≥50%;

    2. Uses

    Add into the circular space between the tubing and casing with additive pump and tank continuously or intermittently. Continuous injection is at the level of 0.01 to 0.05%, and the batch addition is about 25-200 kg for every 7 to 15 days.

    3. Shipping and Storage

    Packed in 25kg/plastic drum or 200kg/metal drum and transported as non-dangerous goods. Store in a cool and well-ventilated place. Shelf life: one year.

The product name:Water Based Paraffin Cleaner and Inhibitor
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