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WMNP-1 Hydrotrating Catalyst
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    Characteristics:It takes promoted alumina as carrier material with such metal components and auxiliaries as tungsten,molybdenum and nickel, featuring good activity of HDS,HDN aromatics saturation and hydrodecolloid in low pressure, and having high resistance to compression and attrition. it can be reused after regeneration. This catalyst contains no easily lapsed active components, so it won''''''''''''''''t corrode equipment and have good activity stability.
    Application: It can be used in the hydrotreating of poor secondary processed gasoline and diesel. under medium and low operating pressure,FH-98A does very well in hydrotreating all sorts of FCC diesel and coked diesel to produce high quality diesel oil with low sulphur and low aromatics.

    Physical-chemical properties

    Activity index

    Reference operating conditions


    Iron drums innerlining double-layer plastic bags.

The product name: WMNP-1 Hydrotrating Catalyst
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