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Solid Phosphoric Acid Catalyst
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  • Detailed introduction

    Solid phosphoric acid catalyst mainly used for alkylation reaction of benzene kind of aromatics and olefin base catalyst, such as: the alkylation of benzene and acrylic. And the reaction of gathered, coincide, alkylation and hydration of low carbon olefin, such as: carbon four olefin polymer coincide to produce high octane gasoline, propylene used to make nonene and dodecene,etc. Its composed by polyphosphoric acid and diatom through composite roasting. Compared with tradition solid phosphoric acid catalyst, This Catalyst has high activity, high selectivity, good water resistance and not easy mud, comprehensive performance reached the international advanced level.

    Chemical composition and physical performance

    Reference use of process conditions


    Liner plastic bag in the package drum, 50kg/drum.

The product name:Solid Phosphoric Acid Catalyst
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