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PS-Ⅳ Continuous Reforming Catalyst
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  • Detailed introduction
    1. It is developed by RIPP of China.
    2.A new generation of higher Pt content continuous reforming catalyst.
    3.Appearance: pail brown small sphere, φ1.4~2.0mm.
    1.Hydrothermal stability and reaction performance are apparently superior to the present industrial application of CatA.
    2. Chloride maintenance and stability of specific surface are superior to CatA and CatC .
    3. Catalytic activity is higher than the present industrial application of CatA. Weighted average bed temperature of reaction is 8℃~9℃ lower than CatA under the similar quantity of material and equal aromatic yield, and aromatic yield is 1.9% higher than the present industrial application of CatA and the hydrogen yield is relatively high under the similar quantity of material and equal reaction terms. It also has good selectivity.
    4. It is provided with good flowing performance and regeneration performance, regular appearance, little ash and anti-wear performance, which is superior to CatA.

    Technical standard


    Packed in plastic bag (1ined with cloth bag)and sealed by modified steel drum. Net weight:100kg/drum. Fill nitrogen for plus pressure protection.
    Range of use
    1. It can be applied in continuous reforming devices.
    2. It is suitable for varied materials and operation conditions.
    Storage and Precaution
    1. Keep away from water and moisture and strictly forbid to contact with other chemicals or hydrocarbon products.
    2. Forbid to fall or roll the steel drum during transportation.
    3. It is in reduction form while out of plant. Pack on fine days, try best to shorten the time catalyst touches the air and seal the reaction vessel immediately after packing and fill nitrogen for protection.
    4. The feedstock should be controlled with S≤0.5ppm,H2O≤5ppm,As≤1ppb,and the recycle hydrogen should be controlled with H2O≤50ppm during normal production.
    5.Start-up should be strictly follow the start-up manual of PS-Ⅳcatalyst or under the instruction of professional technical personnel if necessary.

The product name:PS-Ⅳ Continuous Reforming Catalyst
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