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    With alumina as carrier, nickel as main active component, the catalyst is Widely used in aviation kerosene to hydrogenation dearomatization, benzene hydrogenation to cyclohexane, phenol hydrogenation to cyclohexanol hydrotreating, hydrofining of industrial crude hexane, and organic hydrogenation of unsaturated aliphatic hydrocarbons and aromatic hydrocarbons, such as white oil, lube oil hydrogenation. It can also be used for liquid phase efficient desulfurization, and sulfur protective agent in catalytic reforming process. The catalyst has high strength, excellent activity, in the hydrogenation refining process, which can make aromatic or unsaturated hydrocarbon down to ppm level. The catalyst is reduced state which is stabilizing treatment.
    By comparison, the catalyst which has been used successfully in dozens of plants in a world, is better than similar domestic products.  

    Physical and chemical properties

    Activity evaluation conditions



    40 net weight iron drums innerlining double-layer plastic bags.

The product name:HydrogenationCatalyst
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