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MLD-M23 Marine Medium-speed Trunk Piston Engine Oil Additive
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  • MLD-M23 is a new marine medium-speed trunk piston engine oil additive package designed in order to meet extremely stringent specifications of marine medium-speed trunk piston engine oils, this product is formulated by many kinds of high-quality detergents, dispersants, and so on. The use of MLD-M23 could provide the oils with highly excellent performances, including excellent acid neutralization ability, fine detergency and dispersity property, good anti-wear and anti-oxidation performances, especially outstanding anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties. The oils formulated by MLD-M23 could protect the engines efficiently and improve the wear and rusting phenomena of the engines, keeping engines clean after long-term use. 

    Key Performance Benefits


    Recommended Dosage

    Packing: 200 liter metal drum (net weight: 200kg/drum)

    Storage: Keep the temperature not higher than 75°C. For long-term storage, the suggested temperature is lower than 45°C. The products can’t be easily burned, exploded and have non-corrosiveness.

The product name:MLD-M23 Marine Medium-speed Trunk Piston Engine Oil Additive
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