Chloride-removal adsorbent
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Chloride-removal adsorbent
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    Detailed introduction

    chloride-removal adsorbent MLDCR-L is an outstanding adsorbent  most commonly used in adsorbing hydrogen chloride from reformer hydrogen off-gases, natural gas, naphtha, and light liquid hydrocarbons in low-temperature range applications.

    It can provide more than 30%  chloride pick-up capacity at 30℃ ,and  its chloride pick-up capacity rises with operating temperature in the range of -5℃ to 200℃. MLDCR-L has been successfully used in a lot of industry units of PETROCHINA and SINOPEC.

    Physical and chemical properties:

    normal operating conditions:

    Packing: iron drums innerlining double-layer plastic bags.

The product name:Chloride-removal adsorbent
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