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Molecular Sieves(5A)
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  •     The 5A molecular sieve aperture is 5A, can adsorb is smaller than this aperture any member, mainly applies in the isomeric hydrocarbon separation, the live pressure fractionation by adsorption and the water and carbon dioxide altogether adsorption, based on the 5A molecular sieve industrial application characteristic, the 5A molecular sieve choice adsorbability which we produce high, the adsorption speed quick, is suitable specially for the live pressure adsorption, may adapt each kind of gas live pressure adsorption plants and so on size oxygen manufacture, system hydrogen, system carbon dioxide, is in the live pressure adsorption profession high-quality goods.
    Concrete application:
     Live pressure adsorption.
    Air purification dehydration and carbon dioxide.
    25 kilogram paper box packing; 55 gallon iron bucket packing.
    Matters needing attention:

    The molecular sieve should prevent the pre-absorbed water, the organic gas or the liquid before the use, otherwise, should give to regenerate

The product name:Molecular Sieves(5A)
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