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Molecular Sieves(4A)
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        The 4A molecular sieve aperture is 4A, the absorbed water, the methyl alcohol, the ethyl alcohol, the hydrogen sulfide, the sulphur dioxide, the carbon dioxide, the ethylene, the propylene, does not adsorb the diameter to be bigger than 4A any member (including propane), the adding water selective adsorption performance is higher than any other members. Is in the industry one of amount used biggest molecular sieve varieties.
    Concrete application: Gas and the liquid and so on air, natural gas, alkane, refrigerant depth is dry; The argon system takes with the purification; The drugs packing, the electronic component and easy to deteriorate the material static state to be dry; In the paint, the fuel, the coating take the dehydrator.
      Packing: 25 kilogram paper box packing; 55 gallon iron bucket packing

     matters needing attention: The molecular sieve should prevent the pre-absorbed water, the organic gas or the liquid before the use, otherwise, should give to regenerate.

The product name:Molecular Sieves(4A)
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