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Molecular Sieves(3A)
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  • The 3A molecular sieve aperture is 3A, mainly uses in the absorbed water, does not adsorb the diameter to be bigger than 3A any member, according to the industry in application characteristic, the 3A molecular sieve which we produce has the quicker adsorption speed, the more regeneration number of times, a higher crushing strength and anti-pollution ability, enhanced the molecular sieve use efficiency and lengthened the molecular sieve service life, is the petroleum, in the chemical industry was mad the liquid phase depth is dry, the fining, gets together the first choice drying agent which must.
    Concrete application:  
    Each kind of liquid (for example ethyl alcohol) 
    the dry air dry refrigerant 
    dry natural gas, the methane dry 
    unsaturated hydrocarbon and the crack vent spleen, the ethylene,     the acetylene, the propylene, pyprolylene dryness.
        Matters needing attention: 
    The molecular sieve should prevent the absorbed water, the organic gas or the liquid before the use, otherwise, should give to regenerate.

The product name:Molecular Sieves(3A)
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