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ZSM-5molecular sieves
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  • In petrochemistry industry, ZSM-5molecular sieve is widely used as addition of diesei hydrodewaxing catalyst and fixed ded catalytic cracking catalyst. ZSM-5molecular sieve mostly has been added to FCC catalyst in the word. The catalyst is good enough to boost gasoline octane number and increase olefin content in liquefied petroleum gas.ZSM-5molecular sieve which SiO2/AL2O3 is from 38 to 40 mostly has been used as an FCC additive for decreasing olefin content in gasoline. The of SiO2/AL2O3 ZSM-5used in residuum catalytic cracking is from 25to30.
    In chemical industry, ZSM-5 molecular sieve is widely used as selective catalyst, such as: 1,4-diethylbenzene catalyst, xylene isomeric catalyst. In environmental protection, organic matters have been extracted by ZSM-5 which SiO2/AL2O3 is  from 220to400
    ZSM-5molecular sieve was honored with second prize of national invention.

    In our factory, ZSM-5molecular sieve is prepared by a unique non-template method which directiy uses soluble silicate and aluminium sulfate to synthesize in absence of organic amine as template. Compared with ZSM-5 synthesized by organic amine as template, our product has a number of practical advantages, such as: convenient techniques, excellent quality, non-contamination, low cost, and high hydro-thermaml stability. The product can be used as matrix substance for alkylation catalyst, isomerization catalyst, aromatization catalyst, dewaxing and pour-piont depressing catalyst.

    1Chemical composition

    2(Wt%)Adsorptive capacity

The product name:ZSM-5molecular sieves
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