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Porous Ceramic Ball
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  • The porous porcelain ball other name filtration porcelain ball, is makes the hole in the original inert aluminium oxide ball foundation, thus has with the inert porcelain ball same stack percentage of voids, is playing the cover support catalyst and the separation steam fluid role. Simultaneously also increased 20-30% had the adsorption performance structure hole, enabled it to filter in the oil quality the impurity. Because in the oil quality the impurity shape has granulated, the sol shape, the bitumen nature and the heavy metal and so on, these impurities after process raw material filter although may filter out a part, but still had quite partial (for example is smaller than 25 μm pellet impurities and hard ion) is unable to filter out. If may the impurity which has not filtered raw material in attract in the reactor crown filling porous porcelain ball fu in its, thus achieved the protection catalyst, and lengthens installment the movement cycle.

     In raw material which according to the hydrogenation, in the system hydrogen dry adsorption processes the impurity type and the content different as well as the pellet size, the user may select the different aperture and the different Kong Shu porous porcelain ball, but also may according to the need, active constituents and so on appendix molybdenum, nickel, cobalt, prevent the catalyst sinks carbon coking and the poison.

The product name:Porous Ceramic Ball
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