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Activated Ceramic Balls
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  • The active porcelain ball is our company and Academia Sinica Dalian melts the institute to develop the development together another kind of new reactor supporting padding. It is introduces the few transition metal oxide compound in the inert aluminium oxide ball foundation to make. Also has the inert ball thermostable and the high mechanical strength characteristic, plays the filtration, divides the bulk petrol fluid, the cover, the support catalyst role. Also has certain catalytic activity, in the alkene’s hydrogenation, the desulphurization, the denitrogenation process plays the promoter role. In the fraction oil hydrogenation purification, the hydro cracking, rally pre-processing flows and so on in the hydrogenation and stupid hydrogenation, the catalyst bed level crown loads the HF-SW active porcelain ball in the reactor, may cause in two processing raw oils the mono-olefin and the double alkene obtains the preliminary hydrogenation, thus the reduced catalyst cokes, loads the SW active porcelain ball in the catalyst bed level base, may remove the mercaptane which certain reaction process produces and so on. Therefore, uses the HF-SW active porcelain ball, not only may enhance the reactor effectively the spatial use factor, moreover has the protection catalyst not to be poisoned to a certain extent and the agglutination function, thus extension catalyst service life.

    Technical Specification

    Note: The data of bulk density is given for reference only, not as the acceptance criterion

The product name:Activated Ceramic Balls
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