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MLDA-1 Catalyst for Hydrogenation of Aniline to Cyclohexylamine
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  • Detailed introduction

    Catalyst MLDA-1 is mainly used for hydrogenation of aniline to cyclohexylamine. it can hydrogenate 100% aniline to less than 100ppm.

    Its outstanding characteristics are as follows:

    A.Prominent low temperature activity. When reaction temperature reach 160℃, it has very high catalytic activity.

    B.Very good activity stability. It is not necessary to increase reaction temperature in the course of operating entirely.

    C.Perfect selectivity. The selectivity of aniline to cyclohexylamine is more than 98%.

    D. Very long service life. The catalysts’ service life can reach 5 to 8 years.

    E. Its loading density is lower 10-15% than other same kind of catalyst. This can obviously decrease the expenditure for purchasing catalyst.

    The catalyst has been successfully used in several industry units. its comprehensive performance is superior to the same kind of products.

    Physical and chemical properties

    Reference  operating  conditions


    Iron drums innerlining double-layer plastic bags.

The product name:MLDA-1 Catalyst for Hydrogenation of Aniline to Cyclohexylamine
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