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MLD-025 Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil Additive Package
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  • High-quality antiwear hydraulic oil additive package MLD-025 could help combat the effects of contamination with wear protection, thermal stability, rust and corrosion protection in hydraulic oils and hydraulic systems. MLD-025 is formulated by a variety of excellent components, used in high-pressure and anti-wear hydraulic oils with low zinc content. With the use of MLD-025, the oil lifespan could be obviously extended and equipment could be lasted longer.

    For the requirements of some equipments and some adverse effects of Zinc element, Mainlandchemical has invented ashless Zinc-free anti-wear hydraulic oil additive package MLD-026. With a little dosage, it could show excellent performances.

    Key Performance Benefits


    ◎ Use in anti-wear hydraulic oils. Recommended dosage:0.7-1.0%

    ◎ Use in hydraulic transmission oils. Recommended dosage:1.0-1.6%


    Packing: 200 liter metal drum (net weight: 200kg/drum)

    Storage: Please refer to SH/T0164 standard when stored, loaded and unloaded, oil blending. Keep the temperature not higher than 75°C. For long-term storage, the suggested temperature is lower than 45°C. The products can’t be easily burned, exploded and have non-corrosiveness.

The product name:MLD-025 Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil Additive Package
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